Augmented reality in industry with SCHEMA ST4 and CDS

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 / 11:35 - 12:15

Augmented and mixed reality applications in industry create particular challenges when it comes to the operation and presentation of content. While in previous years, time-consuming prototypes were frequently developed, there is now a range of AR and MR solutions with significant added value for day-to-day use. This development has accelerated the emergence of scalable industry solutions and brought down the cost of AR and MR applications

This presentation is about the integration and distribution of author-created content with the help of SCHEMA ST4 and CDS for augmented and mixed reality scenarios. The Single Source Publishing approach means that technical content can be sent to a mobile end device or AR glasses at the press of a button. A host of applications are already in use for maintenance, training and technical service purposes. Experience live how repair instructions or product information from ST4 can be displayed on the Microsoft HoloLens or other mixed reality devices – in just a few minutes.