From vision to reality, creating the Service technicians tool with data from ST4

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 / 12:20 PM - 12:50 PM

This is a short presentation of our long journey from vision to reality. A journey that started with a big gathering for our service market organisation in 2008. We were asked to look into the future and think about what we could do to make life easy for the service technician. The outcome was an idea about a tool so good that the user doesn't have to search since it already know what information they need. We wanted to move from having the service technician to browse through a 1500 page paper manual to find that single sentence he needed. Let me explain what and how we did, what we've learned along the way and what the 2900 users think about the solution.

We did break the vision down into three parts.

  • Implement CCMS system where we structure and classify the information
  • Create a new tool for the service technician
  • Integrate the service technician tool to the systems that contained the relevant information

In the Future Mobile Platform project we created a new user interface to our existing business system but we also started to add some integrations to information in ST4 and other relevant information. The name of the product became T-stream and the roll-out started in 2018, today it is used by 2900 service technicians all over Europe.